About Us


About Our Company

We at Novak Landscaping are proud of our 50+ year milestone in the landscape industry. Novak Landscaping was established in 1969 and is currently run by second and third generations of Novaks. In April of 2019, we began our 50th year in business caring for properties as if they were our own. With each new season ahead of us, we continue to build our legacy of providing quality work and are proud of our superior reputation established over the the past 50 years. While hard work is a key ingredient to our success, we never forget that we wouldn’t be here without our clients who are an earnest part of our landscaping business.



Our Beginning

Novak Landscaping began as a small family business in Burlington, Ontario. It stood the test of time, and remains an honest family business evolving throughout the years to become the company we are today. Novak Landscaping was created by Stan Novak whose work ethic and pride in his jobs was passed down to two of his sons, Adam and David, who learned the art of this industry at a very young age.



A Strong Foundation

Novak Landscaping is known as a leader in the industry for our commitment to quality of work. It is our commitment to our clients, hard work and pride in our lawn maintenance and landscaping creations that has made us successful.



Our Blooming Business

We are proud to be able to say that landscapes we designed and created decades ago are not only still enjoyed today, but proudly still maintained by our company. It is the passion in our work, our commitment to our clients along with their landscaping needs and our experience that allows us to enhance and maintain outdoor living spaces specifically for you!



Cultivating Our Business

Clark Novak, our-third generation leader was prepared to continue in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. With first hand experience since a little boy, and continued education of the trade, Clark possesses the knowledge and tools required to continue in this industry with the same work ethic and passion for the trade.



Deeply Rooted and
Growing Strong

We are focused and committed to continue providing our craft with innovation and modern day thinking. We will keep our business and client relations evolving and growing so that we provide nothing less than the best service to our clientele. We look forward to our future as we continue exploring new heights and achieving more milestones doing what we are most passionate about.


Why Choose Novak

Quality Service

With 50+ years of experience, we have stood the test of time and have the passion and the tools to provide you with your ideal property!


Our pride and pledge to providing you with a job well done is the driving force behind our commitment to our clients!


Honesty and integrity have no shortcuts. We have 50+ years behind us which is a strong testament of our commitment to our clients.

Our Mission

We serve anyone who shares our passion for the outdoors by creating and maintaining a personalized retreat best suited to your lifestyle.